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The two founders of Bit2Good Lukas and Sebastian got to know each other in their first semester at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich in 2005, where they both studied informatics. After they graduated, they started working in different companies. Sebastian worked for years for Intel as a backend developer while Lukas was developing apps and other frontend software like automatic timetable information, for example.  

Two years after graduating, Sebastian and Lukas talked about the possibility of making video games together, and so they started to work on small mobile games to get a hang of things. After the first basics were learned, Bit2Good became bigger when Manu and Michi joined the team to bring more power to art and sound sectionsof the games. After some smaller games and gaining experience, the team applied for governmental funding by the FFF Bayern with their title “Glasses“. The funding was grantedand over the course of two years Glasses became Goggles and the team had the opportunity to work on Goggles with four more people helping to bring the game to life.  

While working on Goggles, the team also expanded their know-how in the App and Web area by developing different HTML5 and node.js based projects as well as embedded apps for IOS and Android. Today, the team behind Bit2Good has settled down within the developer community, improving their skills and knowledge while producing and developing games and creative software.


Bit2Good Ug
Based in Munich, Germany

Founding date:
April, 2012


Press / Business contact:

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Skype Lukas Giuliani | Bit2Good

Augustenstreet 31
80333 Munich

+49 (0) 179 9105724

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Team & Collaborator

Lukas Giuliani
Founder, Producer, CEO

Sebastian Erben
Founder, CTO

Michael Engesser
Music, Freelancer

Manuel Rumpf
Artist, Freelancer

Void lon IxArii
Artist, Freelancer


World of Vaporia


Goggles is an online coop arena shooter for up to four players. You can play as one of four different characters, Quentin, Frank, Tesla or Jerne. Each character comes with a unique set of weapons, vehicles and special abilities. The story of Goggles takes place in the world of Vaporia, a steampunk society that is run by the global company Fumare Tech. One of Vaporia’smost famous inventors, Master Vules Jerne, has discovered Goggles which allow their wearer to have a look into parallel universes. The game starts with an attack from the black universe, the Goggles are spread out over Vaporia in a big explosion. It is up to the player to find the lost Goggles and solve the mystery behind the black shadow rifts that have opened all over the world. While doing so, the player discovers all districts of Vaporia while battling the ravaging automatons with all kinds of wicked weaponry.


Play as one of four unique characters with distinct weapons and control scheme
Fight giant automatons
Explore colorful handcrafted levels
Playable online for up to four people
Prominent swinging soundtrack featuring „The Wise Guys“
PC, Mac, Linux version support


Goggles Launch Trailer

Goggles Gameplay Trailer

Goggles Greenlight Trailer


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Goggles, an adventure in the world of Vaporia!

Come on baby get your Goggles on!

Throw out your Glasses, get your Goggles on!

Goggles, a fantastic action racer hybrid is here!

Goggles, debut of the german developer Bit2Good is here!


Developer Bit2Good
Game Name Goggles – World of Vaporia
Release Plattform Steam, Pc Mac Linux
Genre Action | Racer Hybrid
Release Steam October 2015
Price 7,99 $
Steam Page http://store.steampowered.com/app/398830/


In the world of Vaporia the picture of everday life, set by the smaller and larger automatons build by the Fumare Tech company, is about to change when rifts from other dimensions start to open.

In the role of the inventor Master Vules Jerne, his pupil Quentin Quaint, the Steamworker Frank Frankson and the black market dealer Tesla o' Tool, you must find all the lost Goggles to defeat the black shadows and their hordes of ravaging automatons to close the dangerous portals and bring peace back to Vaporia.

Experience the story of Quentin and the Goggles told by beautiful handcrafted comics and explore all the colorful districts of Vaporia. Level up your Steampunk vehicle and unlock all the powers the Goggles have to offer.

Get your Goggles on while listening to the excellent Electro Swing Soundtrack featuring the well known Accapella group "Wise Guys" and experience this fast action adventure yourself.

Goggles was well recieved by the Steam community over the Greenlight period and was partially funded by the FFF Bayern!