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Games with passion and great attention to detail, this is what the Munich-based company Bit2Good stands for since 2012.

Funded twice by the FFF Bayern, the company develops games for the international market around the two founders Lukas Giuliani and Sebastian Erben.

Above all, cooperative arcade games with a lot of charm and creative game mechanics characterize the Munich studio. The "indie" spirit and the associated joy and passion in game development is very noticeable in every title of the small studio.

Partnerships between Bit2Good and the Munich universities are in place to promote and sustain Munich's location. These are expressed in regular lectures and the participation of students in projects.

Bit2Good develops its own as well as contract projects with a small, powerful core team and a large network of partners and freelancers.


Bit2Good Ug
Based in Munich, Germany

Founding date:
April, 2012


Press / Business contact:

Bit2Good Facebook

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Team & Collaborator

Lukas Giuliani
Founder, Producer, CEO

Sebastian Erben
Founder, CTO

Michael Engesser
Music, Freelancer

Manuel Rumpf
Artist, Freelancer

Void lon IxArii
Artist, Freelancer


World of Vaporia


Goggles is an online coop arena shooter for up to four players. You can play as one of four different characters, Quentin, Frank, Tesla or Jerne. Each character comes with a unique set of weapons, vehicles and special abilities. The story of Goggles takes place in the world of Vaporia, a steampunk society that is run by the global company Fumare Tech. One of Vaporia’smost famous inventors, Master Vules Jerne, has discovered Goggles which allow their wearer to have a look into parallel universes. The game starts with an attack from the black universe, the Goggles are spread out over Vaporia in a big explosion. It is up to the player to find the lost Goggles and solve the mystery behind the black shadow rifts that have opened all over the world. While doing so, the player discovers all districts of Vaporia while battling the ravaging automatons with all kinds of wicked weaponry.


Play as one of four unique characters with distinct weapons and control scheme
Fight giant automatons
Explore colorful handcrafted levels
Playable online for up to four people
Prominent swinging soundtrack featuring „The Wise Guys“
PC, Mac, Linux version support


Goggles Launch Trailer

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Goggles Gameplay Trailer

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Goggles Greenlight Trailer

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Goggles, an adventure in the world of Vaporia!

Come on baby get your Goggles on!

Throw out your Glasses, get your Goggles on!

Goggles, a fantastic action racer hybrid is here!

Goggles, debut of the german developer Bit2Good is here!


Developer Bit2Good
Game Name Goggles – World of Vaporia
Release Plattform Steam, Pc Mac Linux
Genre Action | Racer Hybrid
Release Steam October 2015
Price 7,99 $
Steam Page http://store.steampowered.com/app/398830/


In the world of Vaporia the picture of everyday life, set by the smaller and larger automatons build by the Fumare Tech company, is about to change when rifts from other dimensions start to open.

In the role of the inventor Master Vules Jerne, his pupil Quentin Quaint, the Steamworker Frank Frankson and the black market dealer Tesla o' Tool, you must find all the lost Goggles to defeat the black shadows and their hordes of ravaging automatons to close the dangerous portals and bring peace back to Vaporia.

Experience the story of Quentin and the Goggles told by beautiful handcrafted comics and explore all the colorful districts of Vaporia. Level up your Steampunk vehicle and unlock all the powers the Goggles have to offer.

Get your Goggles on while listening to the excellent Electro Swing Soundtrack featuring the well known Accapella group "Wise Guys" and experience this fast action adventure yourself.

Goggles was well recieved by the Steam community over the Greenlight period and was partially funded by the FFF Bayern!

What The Fork

The best use of forks since dinner


What The Fork - the best use of forks since dinner - is here! Jump on your forklift and face the new challenges either alone or in a classic couch co-op for up to four players. Let the electric motors roar and hit the forks!

This game is stacked up ...

You thought today was a quiet evening when nothing happened? Wrong, because now the dark drones pose a new threat. Visit the different warehouses and show these windy drones how to stack properly.


You can choose, work together and reach the high score, battle it out in vs-mode, or just collect boxes in freeplay-mode.
Its the main objective in story mode to collect as many boxes as you can within a three-minute limit in order to reach three golden boxes to unlock further levels. You have to work cooperatively with up to four players to get each box to its designated delivery station efficiently.


In the warehouse, on the prairie, in old medieval castles and even on dizzyingly high skyscrapers. You stack your load no matter where!
Work your way through 30 colorful stages with increasing levels of difficulty! These stages are grouped into five worlds, Urban, Asia, Scifi, Western, Medieval.


No access? No problem! Uses the latest technologies and trends in crate transport. Of course, this also includes springs, assembly lines, and, of course, cannons.
Use these different gameplay elements to navigate your boxes in creative and efficient ways through the different stages in order to beat the clock!


What The Fork Announcement Trailer

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What The Fork, The best use of forks since dinner!

What The Fork is going on?

Get your party coop game night ready with these forklifts!

Need a lift?


Developer Bit2Good
Game Name What The Fork
Release Plattform Steam, Nintendo Switch
Genre Action | Puzzle | Coop | Arcade
Release Steam October 2020
Price 17,99 $
Steam Page https://store.steampowered.com/app/1018950/What_The_Fork/


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