Unity Shader Pack Fresnel


Unified lighting model combining Phong, wrap Lambert and fresnel (a.k.a. rim) lighting control the wrap factor of the lighting!


Concepting, Development, Publishing. Fresnel color control (alpha value of 0 means the models diffuse color will be taken) fresnel strength control (use negative values for fancy effect!)

Support for normal and specular mapping (complete with specularity, specular power and gloss control) self-illumination and dissolve!

All shaders come with a vertex color variant for tools like the magnificent Prototype by ProCore! 3 terrain shaders (diffuse only, normal mapping, normal specular with specularity controlled via diffuse alpha value for specular painting)

What our customers say

Thank you for providing these shaders for free for those of us who have no idea how to make our own 🙂


Love it

These are great. Thanks.


Great Shaders!

Thanks for this awesome pack


Excellent shaders
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