Paper Plane Panic


Paper Plane Panic! The Luftkrauts are back and Captain Freedom must face the elite Papierwolf squadron of Alfred Buttweiner and his brother Neinrich in an arcade action battle to save the world of Paperia.

Luckily for you, Captain Freedom’s ship has been enhanced. So take direct touch control over The Freedom, lock and load your double biro gun and once again face the Paper Reich forces with Blitz and Donner! ?

Unlock new ships with every battle won, upgrade them during the fight and even cheat death once in a while.

✈ 8 different enemy types to fight
✈ 5 ships to unlock
✈ 2 bosses to beat
✈ 1 battle to win


The development for Paper Plane Panic was done in Unity3D. All required 2D assets, all gameplay mechanics, cloud safe over the Android and IOS API as well as commercial and payment handler was done by Bit2Good.

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