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You thought today was a quiet evening when nothing happened? Wrong, because now the dark drones pose a new threat. Visit the different warehouses and show these windy drones how to stack properly.


You can choose, work together and reach the high score, battle it out in vs-mode, or just collect boxes in freeplay-mode.

Its the main objective in story mode to collect as many boxes as you can within a three-minute limit in order to reach three golden boxes to unlock further levels. You have to work cooperatively with up to four players to get each box to its designated delivery station efficiently.


In the warehouse, on the prairie, in old medieval castles and even on dizzyingly high skyscrapers. You stack your load no matter where!

Work your way through 30 colorful stages with increasing levels of difficulty! These stages are grouped into five worlds, Urban, Asia, Scifi, Western, Medieval.


No access? No problem! Uses the latest technologies and trends in crate transport. Of course, this also includes springs, assembly lines, and, of course, cannons.

Use these different gameplay elements to navigate your boxes in creative and efficient ways through the different stages in order to beat the clock!



Meet some of our team members

Video games and web development are two topics that have always been close to my heart. I enjoy to work with a wide variety of people with different backgrounds to find new and exciting solutions.

Lukas Giuliani

CEO, Founder

My passion for videogames led me to software development and I always try to improve at both. Technology and design are my main tools to solve problems in elegant and creative ways.

Sebastian Erben

CTO, Founder

Working with new Dev ops technologies and Hardware is my passion. Creating maintainable systems, seeing them run smoothly and increasing their performance for our customers fills me with joy.

Patrick Hirzel

Dev Ops Engineer


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