GOGGLES – World of Vaporia


GOGGLES – World of Vaporia is an online Coop Arena shooter for up to four players for PC, MAC and Linux.


The production of GOGGLES was funded twice by the FFF – Bayern. The development was done in Unity3D. All required 3D and 2D assets, all shader programs and required scripts were developed by Bit2Good.

The planning and production of Goggles was carried out by eight team members without delay from Q4 2014 to Q3 2015. The subsequent publication and marketing of Goggles was also conducted by Bit2Good on the platform Steam.

Goggles Launch Trailer

Goggles Gameplay Trailer

Goggles Greenlight Trailer


This fast-paced co-op shooter throws you into the middle of Vaporia – a mechanized world controlled by the Fumare Tech Corporation – which is overrun by possessed Automatons. To find out what is behind the attack and how it can be stopped, a bunch of rag-tag misfits lead by grumpy old inventor Vules Jerne is battling their way through massive hordes of machinery.

The chase leads them through every peak and valley of Vaporia where rifts to parallel universes, which can only be seen through special Goggles, have opened. By working together the players can beat the dynamically changing missions Vaporia throws at them to finally find a way into a mysterious black realm that lies beyond reality. More information about Googles can be found on its official website. More Screenshots and a presskit can be found in the presskit section


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